Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fall Mini Sessions

It's that time!!! Fall mini sessions are being announced. A mini session can be up to 8 people. It is approx 15-20 minutes long. You pick the date & location and I will give you the times available to pick from. You get 6 edited images emailed to you or for $20 extra you get an online album of everything sent to you that you can share with family! These spots fill up fast! You can PayPal your $27.70 deposit (catpalmerphoto@gmail.com) or give Cat a call to run a card 801.510.0827

Thursday, January 29, 2015


 337 by far is my favorite thing to happen in salt lake city.
 in 2007, 337 happened. 94 artists....42 rooms....installation!
 i took over 300 photos of this building.
 we knew most of the artists and have since become better friends with a lot of them.
 everyone knew that the building would eventually be torn down.
 i kept one of the spray paint cans from an exhibit before the building came down.
 i won the documentary that was made on this art installation and watch it almost every year.
 i kept coming back and finding new discoveries.
 Watch a 4 minute video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VWc4tzw6Mk

"Rules" I live by.....

1. I apologize only when I am actually sorry. 
2. Treat everyone you encounter with kindness and leave them better than you found them.
3. There's only one me, I am it. BE MYSELF, BE AUTHENTIC & LOVE MYSELF. 
4. Orgasm regularly - it is good for my health!
5. Do random acts of kindness whenever possible.
7. Forgive easily, but move on from unhealthy people.
8. Compliment people, sincerely.
9. Cherish every moment. It is all a blessing.
10. Say no, only when I need to. Start saying YES! I say YES to myself and my CHILDREN as much as I can!
11. One day you will forget. Write & Capture!
12. Be cautious of anyone that lists "The Notebook" as their favorite movie of all time.
13. If you never speak up or ask, the answer will always be no. When you like someone, tell them.
14. Surround yourself only with those that can see your light. Get close with those that want that light to burn brighter.
15. Don't wait, DO!
16. Worrying is silly. As long as I am living within alignment with myself, it will work out the way it is suppose to.
17. Be unexpected. Cherish those awkward moments......they make me feel alive!
18. Say "why not?" and "fuck it!" more often.
19. Adventure! MORE ADVENTURE!
20. Assume the best in people, never the worst. (also, don't put tones on text messages)
21. BE SILLY! Who cares what others think......
22. When children are involved, do everything you can to get a long with your ex. Be nice, even when they are not. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Leave anger behind and move forward.
23. Write letters and send cards in snail mail, every week. Do not let the art of letter writing die.
24. Trust myself. Listen to myself.
25. Find the silver lining. It is there.....it is all a learning experience. These things have brought me where I am today. They have brought me to the people I know and love.
26. Accept and love people for who they are - not the title or box you have placed them in. Who cares that it is your "exes" new girlfriend? Is she nice? Is she good to him? Is she good with my kids? That's all that matters.
27. People believe different things and that is ok. People grieve differently and that is ok. People celebrate differently and that is ok. People eat different food and that is ok. People have sex differently and that is ok.
28. People cannot read my mind. Do not get upset that people cannot read my mind. SPEAK UP and TALK!
29. People will either meet me at the bridge or they won't. Keep moving, they will either catch up or chose a different path.
30. Do things that make me uncomfortable.
31. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep trying.
32. Meet new people, everywhere. CONNECT.
33. No body shaming or sex shaming. See beauty where others cannot find it.
34. Be a duck. QUACK! Let the hurtful comments roll off your back like water.
35. Learn the rules, so you can break them.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Mini Sessions with CAT

Get some awesome school photos of your kids! Headshots, maternity, family, couples, bridals, engagements....anything you want in 20 minutes! 

Vintage Farm Truck (north SLC) • 08/23 • 6-7:30pm
Salt Flats (90 min west of SLC) • 08/27 • 6-8pm
West Pierpont (downtown SLC) • 09/07 • 5-7pm
Graffiti (down town SLC) • 09/20 • 5-7pm
Granary District (SLC & no pets) • 09/21 • 5-7pm

 $25 holds your spot! 801.510.0827 • www.catpalmer.com 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Mini Sessions

call or text cat to book your session! spots are filling up fast! 801-510-0827